Denmark’s largest equipment rental company GSV acquires Bramsnæs

25. January - 2016

GSV Materieludlejning is the result of the merger between GSV Materieludlejning and Pitzner Materiel in early 2015. Based upon a strong performance in 2015, GSV acquires Bramsnæs Entreprenørmaskiner. Together the two companies are able to offer the broadest portfolio of heavy equipment with and without operator in the business. GSV will, post the merger employ 350 highly skilled employees ready to service customers with a very strong product range. The previous owner of Bramsnæs Jesper Jensen will become a GSV shareholder and enter the management of GSV.

2015 has been a successful year for GSV, where the company has managed to grow both top and bottom line by 20% organically at the same time as a new organisation has been formed and the merger completed.

”I am proud to head GSV. Our employees are among the very best in the business, and they have managed to create strong results while at the same time been able to merge the two companies. We now have the strongest possible platform for future growth” says Dan Protin CEO in GSV.

”I have known GSV for many years and I found it natural for Bramsnæs to merge with GSV to create further opportunities for our customers as well as employees. I am looking forward to continue the journey in GSV where I will continue to lead the area of manned heavy equipment, with more time to focus on customers and employees” says Jesper Jensen, CEO in Bramsnæs and new shareholder in GSV.

GSV was acquired by the private equity fund CataCap in April 2015. The investment is made together with Access Capital Partners and Danica Pension who together with management are funding this acquisition.

”On behalf of CataCap and the shareholders including a number of employees in the company I am proud to welcome Bramsnæs into GSV. We expect to continue to grow together and look forward to additional new initiatives in 2016.” Says Peter Ryttergaard, partner in CataCap.

One-stop shop for the customers
GSV, which rents out machines and equipment to construction companies, the public sector, industrial and civil engineering customers, has approximately 350 employees and a national network of depots. The company will have the market’s widest product portfolio, covering lifts, platforms, scaffolding, pavilions and modules as well as heavy equipment, used in construction and civil engineering projects. After the acquisition of Bramsnæs, the focus on manned heavy equipment has been increased to cater for customer demands.

“GSV is on a growth journey and has already become a one stop shop for the customers. I am looking forward to offer our customers and even broader product portfolio and a high service level together with Bramsnæs” says Dan Protin, CEO and co-owner of GSV.

Danica and Access Capital Partners are both investors in CataCaps first fund, which closed at DKK 1.1 billion in September 2014.

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