CataCap invests in small and medium sized companies

CataCap invests in companies with revenues in the range of DKK 200m – 1.000m. CataCap’s direct investments (platform investments) are centred primarily on Danish companies whereas add-on acquisitions are made globally.

Today, many SME’s only have limited access to capital for investments in growth and productivity enhancements and,

in addition, many of these SMEs seek external sparring to stimulate business development.

The SME segment is particularly interesting as many of the SMEs hold unexploited potential. In addition, owners and managers of SMEs are often prepared to co-invest in partnerships with private equity funds to boost their development and value.

Investment focus

CataCap focuses on companies with:

  • An innovative business model with long-term sustainability
  • An underlying potential for CataCap to act as a catalyst for significant growth in revenues and earnings
  • A need for additional capital and complementary management resources to realise their development potential
  • EA management team capable of and willing to drive development and sharing CataCap’s ambitious agenda for value creation

Investment criteria:

  • We are keen to invest in partnerships with existing owners
  • Company management is expected to invest in partnership with CataCap
  • We are a majority investor
  • Primarily focus on Denmark with opportunity for selective investments in adjacent markets

Portfolio Companies



TP Aerospace


SkyBrands A/S

GSV Materieludlejning

Lyngsoe Systems