CataCap invests in small and medium sized companies

CataCap invests in companies with revenues in the range of €10-100m. CataCap’s direct investments (platform investments) are centred primarily on Danish companies whereas add-on acquisitions are made globally.

Today, many SME’s only have limited access to capital for investments in growth and productivity enhancements and,

in addition, many of these SMEs seek external sparring to stimulate business development.

The SME segment is particularly interesting as many of the SMEs hold unexploited potential. In addition, owners and managers of SMEs are often prepared to co-invest in partnerships with private equity funds to boost their development and value.

Investment focus

CataCap focuses on companies with:

  • An innovative business model with long-term sustainability
  • An underlying potential for CataCap to act as a catalyst for significant growth in revenues and earnings
  • A need for additional capital and complementary management resources to realise their development potential
  • EA management team capable of and willing to drive development and sharing CataCap’s ambitious agenda for value creation

Investment criteria

  • We are keen to invest in partnerships with existing owners
  • Company management is expected to invest in partnership with CataCap
  • We are a majority investor

Portfolio Companies


  • CASA is one of Denmark’s leading construction managers with activities across the country. The firm develops, builds and renovates homes, commercial properties and public buildings. It is also part of several PPP projects.

    CASA differentiates it self from other leading players through a combination of strong development and construction competences enabling the company to deliver creative projects and solve complex situations for the client.

    With a yearly turnover in excess of DKK 1 billion and more than 90 employees, CASA is the preferred partner for a number of professional building owners including Danish and foreign real estate companies, pension funds, private equity funds and non-profit housing organisations.

  • Main figures 2015
    Revenue DKK 1098m
    EBITDA DKK 67m
    Employees 80
    Board (Under establishment)
    Managment Michael Mortensen (CEO)
    CataCap’s investment
    Ownership 60%
    Investment year 2016
    Responsible partner Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen
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SkyBrands A/S

  • SkyBrands is the leading supplier of branded textile products in the Nordic countries and in key European areas. The company owns licenses to produce and sell brands such as Universal, Warner, Disney, Versace, Ferrari and several top European football clubs to retailers. The core business area lies within home textiles while apparel constitutes a smaller part of the business.

    Since the launch of SkyBrands in 2008 the company, headquartered in Vejle, Denmark has experienced high growth. The production is outsourced and goods are shipped directly to retailers.

  • Main figures 2015
    Revenue DKK 177m
    EBITDA DKK 39m
    Employees 27
    Board Jens Hahn-Petersen (Formand),
    Hans Nielsen,
    Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen,
    Stig Løkke Pedersen
    Managment Jan Kølbek (CEO)
    CataCap’s investment
    Ownership 59%
    Investment year 2015
    Responsible partner Jens Hahn-Petersen
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GSV Materieludlejning

  • GSV is Denmark’s leading supplier of rental equipment to construction companies and general contractors as well as public sector and industrial customers. The company has employees across a national network of depots, offering the markets widest product portfolio including lifts, platforms, scaffolding, pavilions and modules as well as heavy construction and civil engineering equipment.

    GSV offers a one-stop shop to the customer, focused on delivering the highest level of service as well as the most innovative product solutions.

  • Main figures 2015
    Revenue DKK 639m
    EBITDA DKK 190m
    Employees 258
    Board Carsten Knudsen (Chairman)
    Peter Ryttergaard
    Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen
    Dan Protin
    Jens Nyhus
    CEO Dan Protin
    CataCap’s investment
    Ownership 39% (91% of the votes)
    Investment year 2014
    Responsible partner Peter Ryttergaard
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Lyngsoe Systems

  • Lyngsoe Systems is one of the world’s leading software developers and systems integrators of logistics solutions for libraries, postal companies, production and distribution companies as well as airports and airlines. We have designed, installed and maintained control, quality measurement and track-and trace systems for more than 40 years and are leading within the RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification).

    With more than 3,200 systems worldwide in more than 60 countries, the Lyngsoe team can demonstrate extensive experience in customer process knowledge, solution design, software development, installation, service and maintenance as well as complete project management and consultancy services in regional and global implementations.

  • Main figures 2015
    Revenue DKK 251m
    EBITDA norm. DKK 23m
    Employees 180
    Board Jørgen Bardenfleth (Chairman),
    Rasmus Lokvig,
    Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen,
    Jesper Jarlbæk,
    Carsten Knudsen,
    Finn Mathiassen
    CEO Villads Thomsen
    CataCap’s investment
    Ownership 74%
    Investment year 2014
    Responsible partner Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen
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  • Handicap-Befordring is the leading operator in Denmark within special care transport of handicapped, elderly and pupils. The company operates a modern fleet of 235 busses that has been customised to fit the users’ needs. Founded in 1981, Handicap-Befordring provides its services based on long-term contracts with the municipalities and traffic agencies.

    With more than 30 years of industry experience, Handicap-Befordring focuses on ensuring the daily users a secure and personal service, while at the same time providing an efficient and punctual solution to the municipalities and traffic agencies need for a provider of special care transport.

  • Main figures 2015
    Revenue DKK 189m
    EBITDA DKK 14m
    Employees 338
    Board Sonny Nielsen (Chairman),
    Jens Hahn-Petersen,
    Peter Ryttergaard,
    Andreas Christensen
    CEO Jakob Krogsgaard
    CataCap’s investment
    Ownership 87%
    Investment year 2014
    Responsible partner Jens Hahn-Petersen
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  • Mobylife is the leading provider of repair and service of mobile devices in the Nordics with operations across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The repair volume is generated by contracts with telecom operators and retailers and repairs are licensed by the OEMs. In addition to the core product offering, the company delivers related services, such as Mobile Device Management solutions.

    After a number of years with high growth in Denmark and Sweden Telecare was merged in the spring of 2014 with its two largest competitors in Norway and Finland, Deltaservice and Optima, thereby consolidating the Nordic market under the name Mobylife. The company’s pan-Nordic platform and large repair volume enables a high service level towards the customers.

  • Main figures 2015
    Revenue DKK 615m
    EBITDA DKK 45m
    Employees 376
    Board Mads Middelboe (Chairman),
    Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen,
    Peter Ryttergaard,
    Jacob Thygesen
    CEO Jakob H. Kraglund
    CataCap’s investment
    Ownership 83%
    Investment year 2013
    Responsible partner Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen
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